Take the guesswork out of forage sourcing.

Fine forages. Year-round.

Alfalfa, bermuda, and more.

Close-up photograph of Arizona-grown alfalfa hay.

Alfalfa hay

From Arizona, Colorado, and the Nebraska-South Dakota border.

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Close-up photograph of Arizona-grown, Giant bermuda hay.

Bermudagrass hay

Giant bermuda from Arizona. Locally-grown, coastal bermuda.

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Over 1,000 farms, ranches, and competitors rely on Fieldgram forages.

Let us share the art and science behind Fieldgram sourcing and logistics.

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Nutrition. Quantified.

We help our customers compete at the highest level by giving them the information they need to formulate nutritious rations, providing their equine athletes with the energy they need to be their very best.

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Performance forages.

We follow a disciplined, structured, repeatable process in our sourcing operations to obtain reliable, consistent supplies of forages that support outstanding animal performance.

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Facts. Not guesswork.

We've developed an open-source, standard description model for forages and published it for anyone to freely use. It enables everyone to buy and sell hay on the basis of facts instead of supposition.

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We start with amazing farmers.

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Choose from 53' dry van, flatbed, or step-deck delivery.

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Quality assurance

All hay sampled and tested to ensure quality.